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Breathe, relax the body and tone abs

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Breathe naturally and relaxed, oxygenate your body, relieve stress and improve your abs with this initial program of 6 daily exercises (approximately no more than 7 minutes each) where you will find exercises to perform daily progressively with their description and easy way to do it. You will find 6 videos on exercises that are super easy to perform that will help you: ✅Relieve stress ✅ Relax the body ✅Improve your mood ✅ Begin to relieve discomfort or lower back pain ✅ Activate the abdomen in a functional way ✅ Tone abs 👉CONTENT: ▶️The first part will be about breathing naturally using the diaphragm ▶️The second part will be basic exercises to activate abs If you still have doubts: Write me on whatsapp in this link :)

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Respira, desestrésate y tonifica abdominales

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