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my story

Hello everyone,


To tell you a little about how I get to this point, I tell them that I have suffered asthma since birth, and scoliosis has been generated since then. And I say generating because due to a hip gap created when they took me out of my mother's womb at birth, the spine was twisted to compensate for this unevenness creating an S (and having worn orthopedic shoes from school entry to 13 years without any progress and unable to climb stairs or play or practice any sport / exercise throughout childhood and adolescence due to scoliosis); that at 17 years old the pain was unbearable.


Given such pain, my parents had already begun to investigate to operate and collect the money that at that time was very much; However, we found a chiropractor who, despite slowing down the scoliosis when leveling the hip, did not get my spine to take the right place since it was coming and going every month with very little evolution since he did not have muscles to hold the spine in place and having been taking corticosteroids (I took for 20 years) it was very difficult to get muscle tone and resistance to physical exercise since I had never done.


I must say that I researched the subject a lot in order to "reverse" the situation. Since I did not understand how it could be that not everyone had something like mine and only some people.

Between 17 and 20 years, after continuing with pain but having left the corticosteroids, I decided to stop using insoles for flat feet, special shoes and others and start to take charge of my body, I did some courses on sports nutrition, fitness and a a lot of reading in different media, I started to try everything I read in me. I was still with the effects of the corticosteroids that appeared after finishing high school but nonetheless I could continue investigating the subject.


It is necessary to clarify the various depressions that were throughout the process since it is difficult to look different in adolescence and move on.


In turn, and although my back hurt a lot but I wanted to do a martial art since childhood (obviously doctors did not leave me) on the recommendation of the chiropractor to improve posture and breathing I started Aikido at 19 years old. This would be the beginning of a long road of constant investigation, trial and error to progress.


I must clarify that the spine hurt all the time and some movements were very complicated to perform as I fought against my own body to make a movement that the position of my bones and muscles restricted.

For the year 2009 when everything seemed to have started to work although I must confess that sometimes I found it difficult to remain constant since the progress was very slow and sometimes null. In that year due to a severe asthma attack, I fell into a coma for 10 days for a total of 22 days in intensive care. In that period almost everything gained was gone; during the coma I was only in serum, losing motor skills, memory for hypoxia and a lot of weight, almost all the muscles I had gotten when I did not have the strength to sit or walk or lift a spoon.


After leaving the hospital and during the recovery, I began to rethink many things, including the concrete way to improve once and for all.


Again there were many mood lows, etc. but with perseverance (and it's the only way) I started again.

I was doing more specific exercises with absolute awareness of each movement feeling what part of the body moved to investigate its functionality and how to move properly to be in harmony with the rest.


It is so of never having played sports in childhood and adolescence, etc. Today I practice Aikido 20 years ago, I practiced acrobatics in fabrics and currently Pole Dance and I train with weights, bars and dumbbells. Interweaving weightlifting movements.


I am currently a personal trainer in functional training and finishing the physical trainer and sports trainer.


The column is improved by 80% and continues, without pain and posture in general has evolved which generated a change in self-esteem, it is known that the position affects the esteem and vice versa.


That is why I decided to share what I have learned all these years and it has helped me a lot. I hope it serves everyone who arrives at this site and we see ourselves training!

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