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Thanks for your interest

in the FITYOGA class

FITYOGA is intended to tone your body, quiet your mind, and strengthen your spirit.

All of the above with simple exercises that you can do between 5 and 10 minutes a day.

Today brings us many daily tasks, work, our hobby or passion, children or pets, going out with friends, household chores, and the list goes on.

So at the end of the day one wonders

Did I take care of myself?

What time did I give myself today?

Estocada lateral
Hatha yoga



Therefore,  YEAH has the following ever happened to you, have you asked or have you thought:

  • If sometimes stress imprisons you and you don't know what to do

  • IF you haven't trained in a while and you can't find a space in your schedule

  • IF you saw FITNESS classes, but you would also like to be able to meditate or go into awareness with yourself

  • IF you have seen YOGA but you feel that you need to tone your body with more emphasis.

if you answeredYEAHall or the vast majority. Well, your questions now have the answer.

FITYOGA can help you with all of the above.

And you will wonder HOW?

I tell you:

It is known that FITNESS is a physical training to tone the body.

It is known that YOGA increases the internal vital energy of the body through its energetic work.


In this proposal we add body awareness to FITNESS because it is aimed at improving your posture, thus alleviating possible muscle pain, and in the area physically worked on in FITNESS we add internal energy work, preparing the body in the best possible way so that the effect of flow of YOGA energy is the most efficient in each ASANA (posture).

And we also add a plus:

You train the whole body with posture-oriented bodybuilding exercises and then a YOGA ASANA that gives you the internal energy part. Giving that flow of energy to the main CHAKRAS of the body.

In this way you are left with physical and mental energy to continue developing yourself in what you want.


You have thus managed to give  that MIMO to yourself and your whole body thanks you.

Imagine this, you have had a terrible day at work, your boss has asked you so many

things that have drained all your energy from even being able to read your book

favorite at the end of working hours.

You ask yourself, what can I do to recover some energy?

From your cell phone and less than 5 clicks, you have the answer. A FITYOGA Sequence oriented to the ROOT CHAKRA can help you, since it is in charge of willpower. And also the hips from the physical-emotional are your center of power.

You do a 10 minute sequence and READY! Your energy is back and more purified.

What did you think of the idea?

If your answer was ->

 Mujer joven que comtempla

->    CLICK on the Heart


After reading and knowing a little more, I leave you theinitial classSo you canenjoy itagain or for the first time.

On this occasion we focus on the ROOT CHAKRA.

I leave you a detail of it, then tell me how you felt after the class.

1. Root Chakra

Named in Sanskritmuladaharaand represented by theRed color, is the one that connects us with the earth, gives us the feeling of security and survival.It is located at the base of the spine.

  • Signs of imbalance: Constipation, hemorrhoids, knee and leg injuries, sciatica, bone diseases, feelings of being uprooted, fear, guilt, shyness, mistrust, attachment to material possessions and difficulty setting limits.

  • Strategies to enhance it: Connect with the sense of smell, make contact with the earth element, either through gardening activities, walking barefoot on the grass or wooden floor or hugging a tree.Sing the mantras LAM or HAM. Write or repeat the affirmation “I accept abundance”.

I'm sure your week will be different if you choose at least one sequence and practice it every day for less than 10 minutes.

I'll tell you a secret, the last sequence is a plus of energy for day to day and you can do it during the day when you feel that your vitality begins to wane. An active pause.


FITYOGA - Circuit 1

FITYOGA - Circuit 2

FITYOGA - Circuit 3

FITYOGA - Relaxation

If you liked the class, I ask you, can you imagine having daily classes so that you can practice them at any time of the day and also, meetings to have LIVE classes and make inquiries, etc.?

In addition to all this, can you imagine receiving tips related to nutrition, personal development, and everything related to general well-being?

If you liked the idea and want to continue improving your body and spirit, you only have to request your pass from the button below and from June you will receive FITYOGA classes for your personal, physical and spiritual development.

I warn's addictive to be able to haveclasses all the timeand that on top of that they are short, simple and effective... and you cantake EVERYWHERE!

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