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Would you like to be able to relieve waist pain and prevent it from coming back?
Would you like to stop having waist pain every time you get up from the chair, stand for a long time or carry something heavy?

Being aware of waist pain and feeling helpless / or because of it can be frustrating.


Having to take painkillers or pills when you get out of bed or because you simply worked sitting down all day/or it seems to be a bad joke of fate

However, there is a solution! Do you want to know what it is?

Being able to perform activities without lower back pain is possible. You will be able to be free of ibuprofen or aspirin and return to your daily routine without feeling any discomfort

It would be nice to be able to live without the fear of waist pain, right?

I can help you get rid of that annoying lower back pain

After suffering for more than20 years back pain, waist, knees, not being able to climb stairs or make my bed, etc.All due to my double scoliosis detected at age 6, I managed to correct my scoliosis by 90% after many years of research,TODAY I no longer have flat feet or chronic pain, I lift weights and practice martial arts.


Thanks to everything I learned in myself, I managed to create this mini course with the most relevant exercises to relieve the most common lower back pain, due to postural issues.

taking care of my waist, an online course thatit will relieve that lower back painfor spending so much time sitting/or in front of the computer or cell phone or in front of a book studying. 

It was created based on therelief from my scoliosis and chronic low back pain throughout my childhood, adolescence and adulthood.

  • Compressing in 2 hours everything learned in more than 20 years

  • With 5 easy-to-perform exercises, you will achieve arelief in your waistto do the activities you always wanted.

Immediate and lifetime access, and you will always be able to consult me in case of doubts, etc. and you will get discounts on future courses.

How am I going to help you?

 $3197 ARS

And something else...

This is just a little piece of the workshopLead Your Bodywhere the relief of almost all the most common body pains such as knees, neck, back, shoulders, feet, ankles, etc. will be developed.


It will give you the chance to train your body while relieving discomfort, releasing tension, increasing your self-esteem and making friends with your body.


I understand what happens to you becauseI have been in your place like when you think your body is against you,but I know that a healthy and strong self-love can be achieved.I see you inside. Thanks!

Do you have questions? Write me forwhatsapp 


 $3197 ARS

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