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Hello! I am Carolina, coach in conscious physical-postural training


Surely you suffer muscle pain, and feel that your body is against you. 

I tell you, I was in your place and that's why I share my story with you so that you start to believe that you can make friends with your body and feel happy with it.

Because today I am a friend of my body and I can do any physical activity I want without pain or fear of having it.

Consciousness: (knowledge of one's own existence). In this case, knowledge of one's own body in the present moment. Knowing and feeling their movements.

Hello! How are you?

Allow me to tell you a little about how do i get to this point, I comment you thatI have suffered from asthma since birth, and thescoliosis has been generating since thendue to a hip gap created when I was taken from my mother's womb at birth, which caused the spine to twist to compensate for this gapcreating an S.Said scoliosis was detected in me when I was 6 years old.


Since school entry Until the age of 13 I have worn orthopedic shoes etc without any progress and not being able to climb stairs or play or practice any sport/exercise throughout childhood and adolescencedue to scoliosis); what alreadyat 17 the pain was unbearable.

Given such pain, alreadymy parents had begun to investigate to operate me and raise the moneywhich at that time was a lot; however we founda chiropractor who, despite curbing scoliosis by leveling the hip, could not get my spine to take the right placesince it was coming and going every month with very little evolution


Because of  my lack of the muscles to hold the spine in place due to muscle weakness and having still been drinkingcorticosteroids (I took for +20 years)It was very difficult to achieve muscle tone and resistance tophysical exercise since I had never done.

I must say that I investigated, A LOT!,  the subject in order to "reverse" the situation.Since I did not understand how it could be that not everyone had something similar to mine and only some people.

Between 17 and 20 years old, after continuing with pain but having largely stopped taking corticosteroids,I decided to stop using insoles for flat feet, special shoes and so on and start taking charge of my body


I took some courses on sports nutrition, fitness and a lot of reading in different media, I began to test everything I read on myself.


I was still suffering from the effects of the corticosteroids that appeared when I finished high school, but nevertheless I could continue investigating the subject.

It is worth clarifying the various depressions that occurred throughout the process since it is difficult  see yourself differently in adolescence and move on.

In turn,  although my back hurt a lot, I wanted to do a martial art since I was a girl (obviously the doctors wouldn't let me).


On chiropractor recommendation, to improve posture and breathingI start Aikido at the age of 19. This would be the beginning of a long path of constant research, trial and error to progress.

I must clarify that my spine hurt all the time and some movements were very difficult for me to perform since I was fighting against my own be able to perform a movement that the position of my bones and muscles restricted.

For the year 2009 when everything seemed to have started to workalthough I must confess that sometimes it was difficult for me to continue constant since the progress was very slow and sometimes zero.


In said year due to a severe asthma attack, I fall intoeat for 10 days for a total of 22 days in intensive care.


In that period almost all the gains were gone; during the coma I was only in serum losing motor skills, memory due to hypoxia and a lot of weight, almost all the musculaturethat I had achieved since I had no strength to sit or walk or lift a spoon.


When leaving the hospital andduring recoveryI began to rethink many things, among them theconcrete way to improve once and for all. 

Again there were many mood swings, etc. but with perseverance (and it is the only way) I started again. 

Year 2009

I was doing more specific exercises with absolute awareness of each movementfeeling which part of the body moved to investigate its functionality and how it should move correctly to be in harmony with the rest. 

It is so that never having played sports in childhood and adolescence, etc...


NOWADAYS...practicalaikido 20 years agoand continue the practiceI do functional training,  I train with weights, bars and dumbbells, interspersed with training for classical dance and Yoga.

I improved my spine by 80%and continues to improvewithout painand the position in general has evolved which generated achange in self esteem, it is known that posture affects self-esteem and vice versa.

That is why I decided to share with those who go through body pain what I have learned all these years and it has helped me a lot.


I hope that now you have that spark to give yourself the opportunity to improve and alleviate the pain that bothers you today, and I hope let's see each other training!


Trust the process... even if it seems to be upside down.

I invite you to know stories ofpeople who have trusted the process,and today they have become friends with his body
and they enjoy what they want to do without fear of pain.
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Shall I tell you a little more?

Actually i am:

  • Functional training personal trainer

  • Physical and sports trainer. 

  • Certified in Progressing Ballet Techniques (classical dance)

  • Certified in Kettlebell L1

  • Certified in Weightlifting L1

  • Aikido Instructor (+20 years of experience)

  • Yoga Instructor

Knowledge in:

  • myofascial relaxation

  • osteopilates

  • Muscle Chain 

  • Sports Nutrition and Macrobiotics


Other knowledge:

  • Certified in Biodecoding

  • Personal Image Consultant

  • Akashic Record Reader

And... I am your COACH, on this path if you give me permission.
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