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Would you like to be able to relieve muscle and/or joint pain, improving/toning your body consciously and safely?


LEAD YOUR BODYis an online workshop designed so that in 5 weeks and with a weekly guide,you can relieve the most common painsthat you have caused by bad postures that are created unconsciously.

In the workshop you will also learn how your body works, and also to train consciously, that is, LEADING YOUR BODY.

This combination in teaching will allow you to:

  • avoid injury 

  • improve joint mobility and

  • tone your bodyto answer you when you need it


For example, running with your daughter, playing with your pet, going for a walk with a backpack, climbing the stairs effortlessly when the power goes out in your building, school, work, etc.


Why is it an opportunity?


For a long time, he has trained simply by copying the teacher without having any notion of why or why such a movement was made or how it affected the body by doing it well or doing it incorrectly.

Due to this, sometimes pains used to appear that even caused the training to be stopped, calling it “dangerous”.

When you become aware of your body, you can feel what is happening, give it what it needs and be able to train effectively to achieve the desired goals without hurting yourself or feeling inappropriate pain.

Improving your posture in general, feeling good about yourself, training without fear of getting hurt, relieving body aches and understanding how to avoid them in the future is to be able to have a life with more freedom.

Body awareness goes beyond the physical, it is a way to train the mind as a movement strategist and the spirit as a leader to always go for more and continuously improve.

Do you want to try what it feels like? I'm sure yes :D

What are you going to achieve?


If a word is associated with bodily consciousness, it is theCONFIDENCE

Trust in Relief:you can relieve pain that takes away the possibility of doing certain activities that you enjoy


Confidence in your Body:You will learn much more about how your body works in a very simple way and how to train it.


Posture Confidence:You will no longer be afraid to make efforts, carry weight, carry heavy backpacks, etc. for fear that your waist, neck, etc. will hurt, because you will know how to position your body so that it does the above without hurting itself and effectively.


Confidence in Movement:you will be able to climb stairs or run without that pain in the knees. You will be able to do sports like soccer, volleyball, etc. without hurting yourself or feeling joint pain after the game.


Confidence in the Re-establishment:Even if you spend hours in front of the computer, it will no longer cause the damage to your body that it used to cause because you will have a more solid training base and how to avoid bad postures at the desk, chair, etc.

Trust in YOU:a strong body brings with it a strong mind, a strong spirit, and a STRONG self-esteem.


Wow! The latter gives a personal satisfaction that is difficult to explain.

And on a personal level...What confidence motivates you the most?


Why can I help you?


Because I was in your place for more than 25 years and I know how you feel.

My name is Carolina Celeste Delfino and when I was 3 months old I developed asthma

and at the age of 6 I was diagnosed with double scoliosis.

From that moment I suffered a lot of back pain, hernias, knees, ankles, neck, back, flat feet with pain in the sole of the foot, etc. I couldn't climb stairs, make my bed, much less play sports without feeling pain that left me unable to move again.

At 17 years old when I had a turn to have scoliosis surgery (major surgery). I know a person who evens out my hips (he had a 2cm gap on the right side). It was at that moment that I first felt relief in my waist.

With this begins my quest to learn how the body worked and how to get to that place of relief through exercise and without surgery or anything.

Therefore after:

  1. Study hours on anatomy, studying myself by trying different workouts and seeing which ones were more efficient.

  2. Read dozens of books to learn stories and methodsfrom other doctors, trainers, kinesiologists, physiotherapists and try everything I learned on myself.

  3. Thousands of pesos invested in courses, books, manuals, about functional training, fitness, dance, fascia, RPG, Pilates, Yoga, physical therapy, kinesiology, Olympic lifting. Bringing out the best in everyone and trying everything again on myself.


All this allowed me to solve my scoliosis by 90%. I no longer have flat feet (I went from wearing 39 to wearing 36), no more chronic pain in my back, ankles or neck as before.

I am currently a posture-oriented personal trainer, functional training coach, certified in PBT ballet techniques, Aikido Instructor, I practice calisthenics, I lift weights, etc.

All this allowed me to create a training methodology merging everything I learned to relieve the aforementioned pain, improve posture, train consciously and get to know the body to know how to move in the best possible way.


I have called thisFunctional Body Awareness(Functional Body Awareness).

Since 2015 I have given face-to-face classes as well as online and my students have managed to get rid of pain and improve their quality of life by knowing themselves.


How am I going to help you?


In order to acquire body awareness in order to relieve pain, improve posture and consciously tone the body, the workshop has been divided into 5 steps:


Step 1:

Tell you how the body works, the steps to achieve core awareness and focus on deep breathing, to relax the body from the inside. 

We will continue to know everything that is known as CORE. It is your center of power along with the pelvis. When we talk about the core we talk about abdominals, but the one that cannot be seen and is our internal girdle added to the musculature of the spine and the pelvic floor.

We will know how to strengthen and train it so that there is always core stability. We will also talk about more conscious and effective breathing so that oxygenation is complete and we avoid stress.


  • Module 1: Body Awareness - Conscious Breathing

  • Module 2:  Tone the Core

Step 2: Your Roots.

We will start by learning and training the feet and ankles, gaining joint mobility, stability, strength and flexibility. They are the base of the body so they must be strong and flexible.


  • Module 3: Aligning the feet

  • Module 2:  I tone legs

Step 3: Your center of power

We will give flexibility and mobility to the hip joints. Strengthen ourselves and we will give flexibility to the muscles that surround the pelvis: buttocks and we will continue with the legs.

Having strong buttocks and legs are key to good stability and avoiding knee pain.


  • Module 4: Give mobility to the hip

  • Module 5 :  Tone buttocks

Step 4: Flap Wings

Give mobility, strength and stability to the pectoral girdle (shoulders, shoulder blades) and wrists + strength to the arms. tone upper back



  • Module 6: Giving mobility to the shoulders + scapulae

  • Module 7 :  Tone the arms and upper part of the back

Step 5: Standing tall

In this stage we will see everything related to the thorax, shoulders, neck, arms, back and chest.

We will see how to give it mobility, strengthen the spine to avoid humps, relieve contractures and position the shoulders to avoid those strong neck pains.

  • Module 8: Chest mobility

  • Module 9 :  Tone back muscles

Finally we will train consciously to give mobility, flexibility and strength to the entire area.

Extra Bonuses:

We will learn how to consciously train the whole body and I will give you a way to plan your week so that you can train in just 20 - 25 minutes 2-3 times a week.

At the end of the Workshop I will give an integration class for everyone so that they can use it as an example for their training.

And to help you even more you will receive:

Online School:There you can watch the videos as many times as you want. You will have access to the content for life and you can write queries today, next month, next year or whenever you want. I will never stop supporting you and answering your questions.

Live classes:During the Body Awareness workshop you will have the possibility of being in 6 live sessions with me (Carolina) where I will help you in this learning process to train in a different way, with awareness of movement.

Private Facebook Group:You will access a private Facebook group where we can share videos, queries on related topics, I will share nutritional tips, lifestyles, meditations and much more.


And why do I do all this?

Easy: I was in your place and I want to help you, as I would have liked, and I know how to do it


Stories that inspire:


 “I am more than grateful for knowing you, having you and sharing so much professionalism, commitment and dedication to what you do. For my part, I am super grateful for the recovery of my physical body, and becoming aware of my postures and apart from being able to meet a simple, kind and super affectionate person. I hope to be able to accommodate my schedules soon and be able to continue with your exercises and postures, highly recommended all those who can Celeste is "LA PROFE" they will not regret it.”

Cristian Almada    


“I arrived at the classes after seeing how Celeste had managed to improve her spine. I was looking to solve a pain in my right knee. That is getting better every day, it almost never hurts anymore. And when it hurts, now I understand why! My lower back pain, which was permanent before, also disappeared. I was leaving with osteopathy but after 15 days it returned. I also managed to correct my posture when walking. I became aware almost without realizing how bad it was for my body to walk. After so many years of exercising, athletics, aikido, swimming... I came across this wonderful proposal from Celeste, where I feel super cared for and encouraged to improve myself more and more, to have the quality of life that I am looking for and to be able to fully enjoy my body, I am happy. Thank you 🙏🏻

Andrea Solana


Hello Celes!!! I tell you that I am very well. As a testimony...I can't believe the speed of recovery with the specific exercise routine that Celeste Delfino put together for me...for more than a year and a half I had been suffering from intense pain in my left leg caused by a herniated disc. To such an extent that there were days that I needed to ask for leave because I couldn't get out of bed...I couldn't walk. Thanks to the sessions, the diagnosis and Celeste's routine, I was able to feel how the pain began to subside in a few weeks and after a month I was able to stop all the anti-inflammatories I was taking...impressive!!!! Thank you very much Celes!!!!⚘🙏😘

Diego Fernandez   8 Oct 2020  


 Although personally I came with a constant practice of Yoga, working with the body and breathing, Celeste's classes took my level of body awareness to another level. With Celeste it's not just about working out, it's about finding that "perfect fit" movement for my body, unique as such. It is not just another class, but a space to discover my own dynamics between body-mind-emotions, to understand a lot about posture and movement, and to break down various myths and assumptions that I unconsciously brought with me.

Lu Lapenta   14 Jul 2020  


CARING FOR MY WAIST - ONLINE COURSE.  Hello Celeste, everything is fine! I started doing it twice a week now I started working and gave it up but I want to tell you what it is for the waist and buttocks the exercises are excellent it completely relieves the pain I hope one day the pandemic ends so I can go do it where you teach since I work in Urquiza

Silvia Ramírez   7 Oct 2020  


KNEE RELIEF WORKSHOP: Celeste is an excellent teacher, she has a great teaching capacity that can be seen in the wide variety of exercises we did throughout all the meetings. She was also very detailed and assertive when suggesting corrections, as well as finding alternative exercises to vary the level of complexity when there was some discomfort. I felt accompanied throughout the entire workshop, both in the virtual classes as well as in their subsequent follow ups through watsup. Celeste carried out a personalized, generous and patient follow-up, clarifying and answering our doubts about some exercises. It was a pleasant experience where I felt very accompanied, I highly recommend it.

Diego Solis   16 Nov 2020  




Become Aware of your body TODAY to improve your day to day


Take advantage of this opportunity where I will accompany you for 5 weeks to help you get to know your body through body awareness, relieve pain, tone your body to improve posture, give it mobility and feel that you can perform activities without hurting yourself or generating a subsequent ailment.


I will also give you a 1-month weekly plan where by training just 20 - 25 minutes a day, 2 or 3 times a week, you will be able to maintain what you have achieved and improve day by day.


Contact me by mail orWhatsApp for an interview by phone or Zoom and tell you more details.


Do you have any doubt?

>Write me bywhatspp

Or send us an email


100% Satisfaction Guarantee


I am convinced that the LEAD YOUR BODY (LDC) workshop will help you recover and/or increase confidence in your own body and you will be amazed to learn more about it in order to feel free of ailments, once you buy it you will have 7 days to see him. You will try the first exercises, you will participate in the first live sessions and if you still feel that you do not like it, I will refund your money.


Surely you have doubts if this workshop is for you.

Now let me ask you, where will you solve these doubts? Participating in the workshop or outside of it?


Of course participating in the workshop, right? Then sign up for the workshop and if you don't like it, nothing happens, I'll give you your money back.

You've got nothing to lose.


Frequent questions


How much time will I have available in the Workshop to practice the exercises?


Although the Workshop works with editions where you join a group of students, you will be able to access all the videos as many times as you want and from wherever you want.


When does the next edition of the Body Consciousness Workshop start?

When you register we will send you an email with the date and schedule of all the live sessions so that you can prepare your agenda.

However, the editions usually start in April and September.

However, as soon as you buy the Workshop you have access to all the videos; and you will only have to wait for the start of the new edition for LIVE classes.



What if I can't attend the online session?

No problem!

You can always see the recording that we will upload in the Online School.

As soon as we finish the session, we try to upload the recording to the Vidroop school so that you can access it as soon as possible.

If you have doubts or questions you can ask them in the comments below the video and we will answer you.


How long will I see the results?

When you start doing the exercises you will feel differences in your body. The more times you repeat them, the more you will notice the changes.

If you have any questions, you can consult them at school, post your video in the Facebook group for the consultation or ask in the live session.


How does the guarantee work?

Easy: if after the first 20 days of participating in the workshop you feel that you don't like it... send us an email saying that you request a refund and we will do it instantly.


In what currency is the course paid?

You can pay for the course in your local currency, since when you select the Credit Card the system automatically changes to your local currency.


How can I pay for the course?

youWe have several means of payment to pay for the course.

You can use bank transfer, full payment.

Mercado Pago to select the installments you want.

Paypal for payment with foreign currency (Euros, dollars, etc).


How are the exercises/units being given?

Each unit is given in the corresponding week according to the calendar. You will receive said calendar before starting so that you can schedule a space for yourself.


Do I need any items for the workshop?

The workshop is designed to use simple but effective elements.

For the workshop you will need some simple items to get, if you don't get them all, there are different options in the workshop. Ideally it would be with the elements:

  • A place to do the exercises

  • 1 Yoga Mat or on a blanket with a sheet on top. No mat because it is unstable and very soft.

  • 1 broomstick

  • 1 tennis ball

  • 1 Medium tension long elastic band

  • 1 Medium tension circular elastic band (optional).

  • 1 Yoga Block or book of the same dimension.

  • 1 Kitchen roll or box of Kleenex or Carilinas.

  • 1 Floor cloth or towel.

  • 2 bottles with water or 2 1 kg weights.


Any other question?

>Write me byhere by Whatsapp.

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