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FBA Training

The Body Functional Awareness is based on training according to the conditions of each person.


A type of conscious training is created according to each individual, a follow-up is carried out on each particular case and it is adjusted over time.

It is a comprehensive training that combines the physical as well as the emotional, since each unlocking that is achieved influences a change in some emotion, encouraging that emotion to continue to grow positively while the physical part continues to progress in the same positive way. . 


The classes are small groups of 4  people in which each one performs the exercise established for each case. It can happen that the same exercise coincides, but each person always follows the program designed for the issue that they came to solve with their body.


The issues can be from physical to emotional and since the body shows signs of what is happening inside us, exercise is beneficial in both senses, both physical and emotional. 

In each class, stretching, strength, mobility and stability exercises are used (as necessary) to re-establish the balance in the body of each person who takes the class.

Currently, a schedule has been opened in which we develop functional conscious elongation since the objective is to stretch and/or give flexibility and mobility to the muscular structures that usually become rigid after a working day.

Special programs. Companies and/or Small Groups

In the case of requiring a special program for a group of people either in a study, office, company. An exercise program is designed to measure that allows the person who takes the hour of training to come out relaxed and with less muscle stiffness.


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