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Knees, training and emotions

When we talk about knee pain, it can come from a bad posture, and it could be due to hip position issues, shortened hamstrings as well as adductors.

Other times because of having flat feet since that causes the knees to almost touch when standing and therefore the inner part of the knee opens causing pain when climbing stairs.

A possible solution in relation to physical exercise is to create an arch in the foot again, that's right, flat feet can become NON-flat with exercise and one way would be through training the gluteus medius (and also maximus) generating that the arch stops collapsing. 

Other methods would be modifying the myofascial chains that cause the defeated arch, which would help the knees to stop having the valgus (inward curve) and therefore hurt less.

about emotions

Regarding emotions and knees, according to Louise Hay's book - You can heal your body, in principle the feet have to do with our understanding of ourselves, present, past and future. While the knees have to do with being stubborn in situations or going in a direction that we do not want, that is, we move forward but we are inflexible in our way of wanting things. That is why any problem related to the knees takes time to heal since it has to do with our pride and our rigidity in the face of change.

Has it happened to you that during periods of stress or when there were things you couldn't control or situations you faced without being able to say 'no' your knees began to bother?

There are times when we face everyday issues that make us "lower" our pride, give in and that is where the issue of the knees impacts.

We must be aware of what we feel and what our body tells us.

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